Folding Bikes Q&A: Are Folding Bikes Any Good At Anything…?

Here is this article I am going to explain and answer all of the things that folding bicycles are good at, there are so many questions that cycling enthusiasts ask when it comes to folding bikes, such as are folding bikes good for commuting? and are folding bikes good for exercise?. There are so many questions and here I will explain and answer all of them for you  

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  • Are Folding Exercise Bikes Any Good?
  • Are Folding Bikes Good For Commuting?
  • Are Folding Bikes Good Quality?
  • Are Folding Bikes Good For Hills?
  • Are Folding Bikes Good For Exercise?

Are Folding Exercise Bikes Any Good?

This is a very open ended question and challenging to answer, however listed below are all of the most searchedgood related questions when it comes to folding bicycles. These questions are very specific with clear answers, do you mean to ask…. 

Are Folding Bikes Good For Commuting?

Yes, absolutely folding bicycles are good for commuting as they are specially designed for urban and shorter distanced commutes. Below are some of the attributes that make folding bikes good for commuting to work or in the city:

Convenience & Practicality 

The biggest advantage to owning a folding bicycle is the ability to transform a fully assembled bicycle into a compact, modest sized handheld carrying device in the matter of 30 seconds. Folding bicycles have always had this advantage over every other type of bicycle there is choose from on the market

What is also very convenient is in which the ease and quickness you can fold a well designed folding bicycle, so many of the folding bikes on the market are user friendly and easy to fold and unfold which makes it an absolute breeze to get started using a folding bicycle for your commutes

The advantage in the ability to transform a fully assembled adult sized bicycle into a compact, modest sized handheld device is that it allows you to take your folding bicycle literally everywhere you go, how convenient ahh.  It’s super convenient to unfold and then fold a fully assembled and functional bicycle as it has no real barrier to entry which allows you to take your folding bicycle with you ANYWHERE… 

Here are some common activities and places you can take your folding bike with you with no barrier to entry: Shopping, Commuting on a bus, taxi or trains, Going for a day out at the park or beach and meeting friends or work colleagues after work at the pub/restaurant. These are just some of the places you can take along a folding bike where there are literally no real barrier to entry, this is one of the biggest advantages that makes a folding bike worth buying over any other bicycle type

Money Saving

Another advantage in your folding bikes ability to transform from a fully assembled adult sized bicycle into a modest sized handheld device is the choice it gives you in the way in which you commute to work and back

You can decide to half/cut your commute by cycling half of the distance on your folding bike and then get the bus, taxi or train the other half. This can save you a considerable amount of money over the months and years, think of the money you can save from not using public transport for half of the year and the extra money you could put towards a holiday or a savings fund


Another big advantage to owning a folding bicycle is the bicycle security, the ability to unfold and then fold a fully assembled and functional bicycle means you do not have to leave it at a bicycle rack in the street or train station or what’s even more risky is padlocking your bicycle to a railing or lamppost in the street

With a folding bicycle there is simple no need to ever leave your bike outdoors, no leaving your bicycle outdoors exposed to winter weather conditions and there is no need to purchase expensive anti theft measures like GPS tracker installed on your bicycle, bluetooth activated wheel locks or any traditional heavy duty padlock that are expensive and cumbersome 

Owning a folding bicycle gives you exclusive luxury of bringing a fully sized bicycle (folded up) into your office space at work (even if you work in a small cubicle) or into your flat (even if you live in a small apartment), house or garage. This means a greater chance of your bicycle not getting stolen as it will be locked up in a far securer and public location compared to a mountain or road bicycle would be. That’s the real advantage, is that you can take your folding bike with you literally ANYWHERE… 


Folding bikes are an eco-friendly solution as well, they reduce the exhaust emissions (as your one less person using a car or taxi) and makes reducing your carbon footprint easier than ever. The ability to take your folding bike on the bus, taxi, car or train and cycle the last two miles to work adds up over the months and years to save on a lot of eco miles

Are Folding Bikes Good Quality?

Like all bicycles there are good quality folding bikes on the market and there are bad quality folding bikes once. This largely comes down to your budget and the brand of folding bike you choose, the budget you have to spend can mean the difference between a good and a bad folding bicycle if your not careful


Most folding bicycles are considerably more expensive than your typical mountain and road bike, not all but most good quality brands of folding bikes start in the high hundreds (£££) and go up from there. Of course there is cheaper folding bikes on the market that start in the lower hundred (£££) however the quality and enjoyment you will get out those may be even questionable if they were worth the money

The higher price of folding bikes ultimately comes down to the extra design and functionality that’s built in as a standard, the convenience to unfold and then fold a fully functioning bicycle in the matter of seconds is the largest factor contributing to the higher price tag. You’ll be expected to pay from £800 (minimum) all the way up to £2,000 +, the electric versions of folding bicycle are priced from £2,000 all the the way up to £4,000 due to the electric power capability  


Generally as a rule of thumb the longest and most trusted brands of folding bicycles are always the best to choose from. Folding bicycle brands that have lasted for decades and stood the test of time are always recommended when it comes to purchasing a reliable,  durable and good quality folding bicycle, some of the following brands I would personally recommend:

  1. Brompton bikes are a UK based company who make to order, Brompton folding bikes have been handmade in London since 1975. The Brompton folding bikes make the best commuting bike, due to their durability and tensile strength.
  2. Dahon is the world’s leading manufacturer of folding bikes and have been pioneers and leaders in folding bikes since 1982. All of their frames and folding components are built in their our own ISO 9001 certified factories, and all their bicycles exceed the rigorous U.S. and european strength and safety standards

Are Folding Bikes Good For Hills?

Like with folding bikes there are so many misconceptions about their ability to go up hills, but especially going up steep inclines. There is a misconception that the reduced size of a folding bicycle’s wheels will somehow translate into a slower ride, while others cyclist enthusiasts worry about a supposed inability to climb hills. There is a presumption that folding bikes will be unable to perform like a conventional full sized bike (mountain or road) when going up steep inclines however this is not the case

Going up hills can sometimes be an issue for folding bicycles but it depends, it really comes down to how few gear inches your lowest gear has and how hard you are willing to pedal or your effort level. Basically the lower your gear inches, the easier it is to pedal, and the easier it is to climb a steep incline

A point worth mentioning is that with folding bikes when cycling uphill is that it’s generally unsafe to stand on the pedals, the frame of the folding bike is not best suited to an extra load of weight stress when standing vertically up. You want to avoid doing this when cycling uphill, which can be challenging as most of us stand up vertically when cycling up a steep incline: Make sure you’re firmly planted in your seat when you climb or cycling uphill!

Are Folding Bikes Good For Exercise?

Absolutely yes folding bikes are fantastic for exercising purposes, and probably better than all of the other types of bicycle to choose from. All bicycles are inherently great forms of exercise as you have to physically pedal to move the bike which inturn makes you increase your heart rate and burn calories all the while improving your fitness and health

However with folding bikes you have an added bonus of their compactness and portability, the fact that you can fold up the bike and then carry a 12kg to 14kg weight around with you adds an extra form of exercise that you would not get from a mountain or road bike. The muscles that you can paint from doing this on a day to day basis will allow you to cancel that gym membership and give you those muscly arms that you wanted for free 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this article on “Are Folding Bikes Any Good At Anything…? ”, All of the information has been thoroughly researched and I have plenty of real world experience on this issue to add as well. Thanks for reading and enjoy!

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