Electric Bicycle Speeds | How Fast Can My 36v Electric Bike Go?

How Fast Can My 36V Electric Bike Go?

The top speed you can reach on your 36v electric bike at full throttle will vary depending on the surface you are travelling along and the overall weight that the motor is carrying. Generally when going along a smooth road, a 36v electric bike will reach up to 20mph. When travelling along a road with rougher terrain a 36v electric bike will reach up to 18mph

Having said that, keep in mind the following factors as well, the weight of the electric bicycle and the rider combined, the motor specification (power output) and the quality of the motor as well all play a large part in what the top speed you can reach with a 36v electric bike at full throttle

It’s not so much a cut and dry answer as there are many factors that have to be considered but generally it’s between 15mph and 20mph. Some 36v electric bikes may reach slightly higher speeds and some may fall below 15mph in some cases

What Can I Do To Make My 36v Electric Bicycle Reach Faster Speeds

When trying to reach higher speeds on an electric bike, it comes down to the same factors as any other vehicle such as a push bike or racing car. The weight of the bicycle as a whole, including the separate components attached to the frame (electric motor, handlebars, wheels etc), the weight of the rider riding the bicycle and the aerodynamics of the bicycle

Getting rid of any unnecessary weight can have a big effect on the overall speed you are able to reach on your 36v electric bike, often removing small components that are attached to the bicycle frame (bell, speedometer, bottle holder and bottle) can add up to incremental numbers in weight reduction, however it can make a big difference combined in reducing the weight drag on your bicycle frame and the electric motor

It’s about lowering the weight and reducing the drag on your bicycle frame and the electric motor, another big consideration is the weight of the rider. Just like in horse racing often the jokies (riders) and very small in their physical nature and are very light in body weight. This has a great effect on the horses ability to run faster than carrying somebody very tall and heavy

A rider with a lighter build and weight to them always has a greater chance of reaching higher speeds than a rider who is very tall and heavy in weight/body build. Having said all of this, this often adds up to incremental speed increases because the electric motor is usually capable of reaching the same ballpark speeds overall regardless of the weight of the rider, so don’t let this put you off in anyway

Another factor to reaching higher speeds on your 36v electric bike is the aerodynamics of the bicycle itself, aerodynamics is the interaction between the air and solid bodies moving through it, in this case your bicycle frame, tyres and the rider

You want to aim to have less air flow drag which reduces the friction between your bicycle, you and the air you’re travelling through. If you think of the air traveling in a straight line horizontally while you are travelling through it, any object that is vertical will create friction between the horizontal and vertical air flow

Wearing an aerodynamic bicycle helmet can help air flow up and over your head with less drag, the other main points that create the most air flow friction is the vertical handlebars, your legs and torso. The more aerodynamic your bicycle is the faster and smoother you will travel through the air at speed which reduces any strain on the electric motor which inturn allows you to reach higher speeds overall

Is It Legal To Travel At 15 – 20mph On My 36v Electric Bicycle?

Yes, as long as the bicycle does not exceed the speed limits of the roads you are cycling on, you are perfectly in your legal right to ride at the top speed that your 36v bike can go.  

Does Riding At The Top Speed On My 36v Electric Bike Wear Out My Battery Quickly?

This really depends, riding your 36v electric motor to the limit is going to wear out the battery down at a faster rate than sporadically riding at top speed throughout your cycle run

However the quality of the electric motor and manufacturer will greatly alter the endurance of the motor, choosing a quality brand of electric motor (well made and engineered) is going to allow you to ride your 36v bike at full throttle for longer than a cheaper made alternate 36v electric motor

When making a considerable investment into an 36v electric bike, always go for quality made over a cheaper made alternate. Do your research before your purchase and choose a high quality electric bike brand and manufacturer that can give you longer endurance and reliability of electric motor for travelling longer at full throttle

How Long Will The Battery Last When Travelling At Full Throttle On My 36v Electric Bicycle?

There is no doubt that riding your 36v electric bicycle at full throttle on a regular basis will run down the battery life considerably, getting an accurate time for how long the battery will last will greatly differ from one electric motor to another

A good rule of thumb is that a higher quality and specification of 36v electric motor is likely to get you longer mileage than a cheaper alternative,generally well engineered and designed electric motors are very efficient which can make you ride at full throttle for longer   

Will I Need To Recharge My 36v Electric Bicycle After Riding At Full Throttle

The obvious answer is yes, running the electric motor at full throttle will run down the battery life considerably as mentioned before. It’s a good habit to always have your 36v electric bicycle on charge as soon as your home from your urban commute so that the motor is fully charged for the next day for your daily commute to work or recreational cycle    

Does Riding At The Top Speed Shorten My 36v Electric Bike Lifespan?

There is not a hard and fast way answer to this question, generally putting the 36v electric motor through a lot of strain on a consistent basis is likely to shorten the lifespan of the motor as it has to work very hard each time your riding your bicycle

Running the battery down to zero can also shorten the lifespan of the 36v electric motor, to have a better chance of getting more life out of your 36v electric motor you are better treating it with more care

Instead of having your 36v electric bicycle on the maximum speed all of the time, you’d be better using the full throttle in controlled and spaced out gaps throughout your daily commute. A good idea is to use the full throttle on accents when cycling gets tougher, like on a steep hill or an off road track. Use the 36v electric power as an aid to make your cycling easier!

Having said all of that, the frequency and rate you use your 36v electric bicycle will also greatly affect the motors longevity when cycling at full throttle. If your using your 36v bicycle everyday (or five days a week) to and from work then the battery is likely to have a shorter life span compared to somebody using their 36v bicycle on the weekends for recreational use

Should I Be Wearing A Helmet When Riding My 36v Electric Bike At Top Speed?

Absolutely, you should always wear a safety helmet when cycling on the city roads and even when going off road adventure. Especially so now when cycling or riding between 15 – 20mph on city roads these days. Travelling at higher speeds lowers your reaction time which can affect the chances of you dodging a moving obstacle (car, pedestrian or another bicycle)  

I can’t stress this one enough, always wear a safety helmet when cycling, IT’S AN ABSOLUTE MUST!

There you have it, I hoped you enjoyed that article and if you have helpful feedback then be sure to leave a comment below, Thanks

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