Insurance Cover For Stolen Bicycle Wheels | Things You Need To Know

Does Bicycle Insurance Cover Stolen Bicycle Wheels?

Yes, generally both of the bicycle wheels are covered with a comprehensive bicycle insurance policy, a comprehensive bicycle insurance policy covers your bicycle from theft, vandalism, fire or any other type of damage

Just like comprehensive car insurance, comprehensive bicycle coverage ONLY COVERS FACTORY WHEELS, special modified wheels that you have added onto your stock bicycle may not be covered so be sure to mention this when getting your bicycle insured. In other words, most comprehensive bicycle insurance only covers the wheels that came with the bicycle

My bicycle is insured on my home insurance, does that still cover my two bicycle wheels? ”  

Does My Home Insurance Cover Stolen Bicycle Wheels?

Generally yes, most comprehensive home insurance plans that cover bicycles will also and only covers the wheels that came with the bicycle. If you have added your own modified wheels, it is likely that your home insurance will not cover those, only the stock wheels that come with the bicycle     

What Happens If My Bicycle Wheels Are Stolen & I Do Not Have Bicycle Insurance?

Unfortunately you will receive no cover for the theft of the tyres, therefore you will have to pay for a replacement bicycle wheel or two if two of them were stolen. I would always recommend having some basic cover on your bicycle, preferable with your home insurance to give you that extra backup if your bicycle is stolen or damaged throughout its lifetime

How Do I Claim On My Insurance If My Bicycle Wheels Are Stolen?

You will have to report any theft or vandalism to your insurer as soon as possible, you will be asked to provide specific details on when and where the theft or vandalism happened and additionally you may be asked to provide proof of your stolen or vandalised bicycle wheels in some cases

How Much Will It Cost To Insure My Bicycle?

The cost of insuring your bicycle can vary from one firm to the other. However, a general bicycle insurance quote is calculated depending on your specific circumstances and the type of bicycle that your are insuring

For instance, the kind of bicycle that you cycle is always going to be taken into consideration, obviously a professional road bicycle can have significantly more value than a generic mountain bicycle so the insurance cost would vary greatly between these two types of bikes

Whether you have a street bike, mountain bike, road bike, electric bike or a pushbike, the model and design of your bike will obviously affect the cost of your insurance. In essence, modern bikes that cost thousands of dollars to purchase may cost you more to insure than a simple Raleigh bike. You should, nonetheless, insure your bike no matter its design and value as this will truly reflect when you make a viable claim for stolen or vandalized bicycle wheels

Home Insurance Bicycle Cover Vs Bicycle Insurance | What To Choose?

Bicycles are generally categorized alongside household contents and do not have special mention in home insurance policies. In home insurance policy, bicycles are generally insured against classical risks such as burglary and things such as flood damage

Keep in mind that the qualification criterion for any claim is that a thief breaks into your home and steals the bike. In short, the home insurance policy does not totally cover your bicycle from theft outside your home or against damage that occurs in collision or accident, it only covers bicycle theft within your property grounds

So what happens when you become a victim of classical bicycle theft?

Well, a proper alternative to home insurance is bicycle insurance. Just like in car insurance, bicycle insurance covers theft, accidents, and vandalism. While such a comprehensive policy may not come on the cheap, it will give you the peace of mind and will be worthwhile, especially if your bike is expensive and of high-quality

Does Bicycle Insurance still Include Night Time Clause?

Generally, the common practice among most insurance firms is to exclude bikes stolen at night, between 10 PM and 6 AM. In other words, they only cover any theft that happens during the day. While you may seem to have no problem with this time restriction, you’ll have to prove that your bike was stolen during the day

If the insurance firm cannot fully rule out that your bike was stolen at night, then your claim might be unsuccessful and you may not be compensated. You can, nonetheless, choose a bicycle insurance cover that includes a nighttime clause, but they can be costly.  

How Can I Prevent My Bicycle Wheels Being Stolen Or Vandalized?

It can be frustrating if your bicycle wheels are stolen or vandalized, but more frustrantly your claim can be rejected or denied even when you have being paying for your insurance cover for your bicycle

The fact that you’ve chosen to insure your bicycle shows that you’re sensible and considerate. And while you might feel aggravated when your claims are denied, there are some instances when your claim will be rejected, as a result of issues that you could have avoided in the first place.

Some mistakes that you can avoid include:

  • Securing Your Bike With An Inadequate Lock

When it comes to insuring your bicycle against theft, most insurers will require you to use an approved lock. Even though there’s no specific lock that insurers require you to use, the lock that will be chosen for your bike must correlate to the value of your bike.

That being said, the insurer expects you to show proof that you own a suitable lock. In fact, you’ll be expected to show that you used a suitable lock in order to make your claim successful

  • Failing To Secure Your Bicycle Through The Frame Of A Fixed Or Immovable Object

Although this is a simple mistake that’s easy to avoid, you’ll be surprised that it’s quite common among cyclists. Insurers expect you to secure your bike to an immovable object using an approved lock

The lock should pass through your bike’s frame and tie it to the object. Keep in mind that your claim will be unsuccessful if you make your bike an easy target for thieves by locking it in an object that can be moved

  • Leaving Your Bike Unattended in a Public Space for over 12 Hours

Take into consideration the duration that you leave your bike unattended in a public space is crucial. You should essentially avoid leaving your bike unattended in a public space for more than 12 hours

Your claim will not be successful if it’s stolen after you left it in a public space for more than 12 hours. The only exception is at rail stations. Generally, insurers will allow you to leave your bike at the rail station unattended for 24 hours. You should, however, remember that your claim will only be successful if you correctly secure it using an approved lock

  • Leaving Your Bike Unattended in a Communal Area for more than 12 Hours  

In most cases, the insurer will require you to add a private residence in your policy. So if this building has a hallway, your bike must be secured to an immovable object and kept out of sight. In simpler terms, you should not leave your bike unattended in a communal area for over 12 hours.

You should ensure that your bicycle cannot be seen through a window or a door opening, which may entice thieves

How To Protect Your Bike From Being Stolen At Home

Honestly speaking, dealing with an insurer when your bike is stolen and you’re trying to claim a cover is stressful. Generally, insurers will tend to find ways to wriggle out of the claims and will look for loopholes not to pay you. Well, that’s the business of insurers.

Even though bicycle insurance can protect you when your bike is stolen, it’s understandably better to ensure that your bike isn’t stolen in the first place. That will not only save you from the stress of having to prove to the insurer that the bike wasn’t stolen as a result of your negligence, but will also shield you from the heartache of losing your beloved bike and means of transport.

To avoid all these, make sure that your bike is fully secured when you’re at home. Keep your bike in a secure garage or shed and remember to keep it locked at all times. Lock the bike on an immovable object for additional security. Doing this will help make your claim successful and will obviously lower your future premiums

In short, make sure that your bike is kept away from prying eyes, particularly if it’s a high-quality bike that may attract thieves

How To Protect Your Bike From Being Stolen In The Street

There’s is no doubt that the challenges of keeping your bike secure while you’re out there are more than when you’re at home. It’s almost impossible to make sure that your bike is totally secure when you’re out and about. This is essentially one of the main reasons why you should have bicycle insurance separate from your home insurance policy

You should never leave your bike unattended when you’re out there, especially when you want to have a quick grab in the store. That’s when opportunistic thieves will strike. As we’ve noted countless times in this article, make sure that your bicycle is locked to an immovable object such as a permanent metallic bench or a bike rack

To prevent your bicycle wheel from being stolen, make sure that you lock both wheels as well as the frame of your bike to the immovable object. You do not want to come out of the store only to find out that some crooks pinched your bicycle wheels. All in

all, do not just use any lock. Use an industry-recommended lock and make sure that it’s approved by your insurer.


Having your bicycle wheels stolen is at worst a very frustrating inconvenience. It can be so demoralizing if your bicycle is not covered by insurance. Unlike cars, recovering a stolen bike is almost impossible. This is basically one of the main reasons why you should

have bicycle insurance in place, especially if it’s your main means of transport.

The first crucial step towards securing your bicycle is to have it covered by a viable bicycle insurance policy. You should then play your part in ensuring that the bike is secure and kept away from thieves at all times. By doing this, you will have a high chance of having a successful claim when you become a victim of bicycle wheel theft.  All in all, we hope that you don’t become a victim

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