Mountain Biking Gear For Beginners

Mountain biking can be an expensive hobby, like so many other sports there is a plethora of products that you can buy, however with this article I will be including the absolute essentials that you will need when starting to mountain bike. After reading this article you will be reassured that you do not need to spend an arm and a leg to get all of the essential mountain bike gear, additionally I will give you some money saving tips as well 

Many of the mountain biking gear recommended below falls into categories that you’ll need to consider, the first being personal safety, the second being essential and third is maintenance. Below are my suggestions for the best new beginner bike and accompanying kit

What Gear Do I Need For Mountain Biking?

Below are my suggestions for the best new beginner bike and accompanying kit, they fall into the following categories: Personal Safety, Essential And Maintenance

Personal Safety #1: Helmet

A bike helmet is the most important piece of mountain biking gear that you must have, that’s why it’s number one on the list. We so often overlook the obvious but this has to be at the top of your priority list

So what does a bicycle helmet actually do?, a bicycle helmet reduces the severity of head injuries such as concussions, the extra layer of protection can make a huge difference in the outcome from crashing or colliding with a vehicle, tree, person, or any other obstacle in your cycling environment

There is a stigma attached to helmets that prevent younger cyclists from wearing them, they may feel like they do not need to wear them or that they look childish or boring. However modern helmets are a lot cooler looking than their older counterparts, however still offering the protection needed to the cyclist

Some modern helmets now have a visor to help block the sun as you ride in and out of trees, so you can focus on the trail and not be distracted by the glare of the sun. Here are some helmets that I recommend, they give you the protection needed for your safety but also look the part as well:

Mokfire Bike Helmet Cpsc Certified

Mokfire bike helmet is engineered for the way you ride. Elegance and style without compromising on safety and comfort. The specialized helmet is suitable for road or mountain cyclist, lightweight and comfortable. Choose Mokfire Helmet, Choose Your Cycling Style!

  • With built-in USB rechargeable rear light, the helmet guarantees the highest possible protection and visibility on the city roads. 3 lighting modes – steady, slow flashing and fast flashing, it will help people behind you clearly recognize your direction, safer in night cycling. (The slow flashing mode lasts for 40+ hours.)
  • In-molding technology joins thick EPS foam core and the outer polycarbonate shell to ensure better shock absorption, giving you the best protection when road cycling or mountain biking. Ultralight, weighing only 300 grams / 10.6 ounces. You don’t even feel it on your head.
  • The 22 large vents help to circulate air through the bike helmet, releasing warm air out from the rear vents, leaving your head cool and fresh, perfect for long summer rides. The helmet inside is lined with removable pads, for easy cleaning and keeping fresh smelling helmet.
  • The bicycle helmet allows for up and down adjustments as well as tension around the head via the dial in the back. Plus the adjustable straps, they enable you to wear the helmet in the correct position, just below the occipital bone, perfectly cradling your head, for a feeling of reassuring comfort. Head Size: 57-62 CM/22.44” -24.41”.
  • Each package comes with an extra red insect net lining to keep bugs out of your hair. The portable bag is very convenient for you to carry the helmet outside or for easy storage

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Victgoal Bike Helmet Vg110

Victgoal Bike Helmet are designed to meet or exceed current safety standards with good ventilation property, Lightweight and Comfortable for cycling.Medical research found that wearing a helmet on a bicycle can prevent 85% of head injuries and greatly reduce the degree of damage!

VG110 Bicycle Helmet with Led light, meets CPSC safety standard, equipped with detachable visor and magnetic goggles, provides better protection, ensures your bike driving safety in complex mountain and road

Suitable for Wearing Glasses: 2 in 1 Designed, Can Used Magnetic Goggles and Removable Sun Visor Together, Windproof and Dustproof. Suitable for Wearing Myopia Glasses at the Same Time

Overall Encirclement: The Entire Bike Helmet is Covered with PC Material, Stronger and Safer, Greatly Reduce the Degree of Damage! Complies with CPSC and CE.EN1078 safety standards

Helmet Pouch Bag: Every helmet has a free pouch bag, portable and convenient to carry your bike helmet when going outside

Removable & Washable Liner: Removable & Comfortable Liner, it’s very easy to take down and wash, built-in insect net, prevent the insects come into your head when cycling

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Livall BH60SE Smart Cycle Helmet

The LIVALL BH60SE pairs a protective shell for you head with all the modern features you would ever need while cycling. Tail lights and turn signals at its rear let your fellow cyclists and commuters know where you’re headed, and weighs only 280g. The built-in Bluetooth mic and speakers allow for taking / making phone calls and listening to your favourite tunes while riding

  • LED Smart lighting with Indicator turn signals & Handlebar controls 
  • 2x 0.5W Stereo speakers 
  • Bluetooth BLE4.0 + BTE4.1 (Max 10 distance) 
  • SOS Alert & GPS location 
  • -39dB Windbreak microphone 
  • Up to 10Hrs Battery life – Standby duration Max. 180 days – Micro USB charging 
  • Lightweight 280g – 24 vents design 
  • Free LIVALL app – Compatible with Strava, iHealth & Siri

LED Smart Lighting: The well-positioned bright LED warning lights warn traffic to give you enough space. The turn lights indicate left or right turns more clearly and are controlled by the included handlebar unit

Fall Detection with SOS Alert: In the event of an accident the SOS alert function sends the riders Google map location to their pre-selected emergency contacts. The helmet senses that the rider has fallen off their bike and a 90 second countdown is triggered, that if not cancelled will send the alert. Keeping family, friends and loved ones connected at a time of need. This feature requires the user’s smartphone to have GPS and 4G data enabled

Stereo Speakers: The two Bluetooth stereo speakers and windproof hands-free microphone enable you to listen to music on the go, answer phone calls remotely, and hear GPS sat nav directions while being aware of your surroundings. The speakers are built into the helmet above the and allow for ambient sounds (i.e. traffic) to be heard whilst listening to your music, call or podcast

Hands Free Phone Calling: Utilising the Windbreak Microphone and Bluetooth Speakers, you can answer or make hands-free phone calls on the go. The -39dB array microphone means that your voice can be heard clearly by the receiver even when you are riding up to around 60KM/h. Use the walkie-talkie function to communicate with your fellow LIVALL helmet wearing riding team. (4G data required)

Handlebar Controls: Use the wireless handlebar controls to use the functions of the helmet. Press either left or right to use the indicator signals and up and down to scroll through music. Use the red centre button to answer phone calls and press the lower button to use the walkie-talkie function. The camera button will take photos on your smartphone whilst being mounted on the handlebars. Phone mount sold separately

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Personal Safety #2: Eye Wear Protection

Eye protection is often overlooked, eye protection does a number of things, it helps you keep trail dirt, dust, and debris out of your eyes as well as helping you see more clearly in both dark shadows and bright sunlight

Cyclists can often be blinded by the sun or by getting debris in their eyes when cycling through a dense forest in the afternoon when the sun is at its highest so you’d better bring your along for the ride! Here are some cycling glasses that I recommend:

Essence’ Polarised Sports Sunglasses 

At essence’ we only produce premium quality and only deliver satisfaction with a suitable price. Everything is made to fit for your comfort, whether you are a cycling commuter, daily runner, weekend fisher or driving on wet roads – we know you want and deserve the best

  • Built in soft rubber nose pad 
  • Extremely lightweight you will not realise you are wearing them
  • Fashion and stylish design – suitable for both men & women
  • Durable frames and lens, you will not have to buy another pair again
  • Polarised revo lens to help restore true colour 
  • Polarized lens help eliminate reflected and scattered glares
  • Cool designer sports sunglasses for ladies, boys and girl

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Bea·CooL Sport Polarized Sunglasses

Take Your Sports Routine to the higher Level with the Best Polarized Sports Sunglasses by Bea·CooL! Bea·CooL makes high-quality unisex sunglasses with high performance all the time

We supply polarized sports sunglasses for men and women with multiple colors and styles to meet your personalized needs. Purchasing Bea·CooL polarized sunglasses, you could not only receive quality products but also have a great shopping experience

With outstanding performance, Bea·CooL Polarized Sports Sunglasses also have an exquisite package which makes it perfect for being a gift for those friends/family members who love outdoor activities. UV400 polarized lens blocks 100% harmful UVA & UVB Rays. Only 24G ultralight design makes you feel at ease when you are taking exercise


  • 24g extremely lightweight
  • 100% block harmful UVA & UVB rays
  • REVO colorful HD polarized lens
  • Soft and Anti-slip rubber nose pad
  • Special rimless jacket frame design
  • Durable and hollow PC frames legs

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Personal Safety #3: Bicycle Lights

Most cyclists will not have the intention of cycling when it is dark, however in the case of an emergency or an unforeseen incident, it is always important to have a good quality bicycle light. Getting delayed or having a hiccup along the way can mean that you will be cycling in the pitch black dark even without the intended intention at the beginning of the day so you’d better make sure your prepared for all circumstances. Here are some bicycle lights that I recommend:

Teminice Rechargeable Bike Light

Be Seen by Everyone! See Everything Better! Enjoy Your Ride!: Our lights will guide your way in complete darkness with a light so bright, it can be seen from hundreds of yards away! The flashing modes will warn drivers and motorists and make your presence noticed on any weather conditions, night and day

Save Your Money & Hassle!: They charge from your computer or any device with a USB port. Takes 2 hours to fully charge and has a Runtime of 8 hours on the highest setting

Rated To Ipx5 – Protected Against Splashing Water From Any Angle: The torch is made of solid aluminum and reflector by rugged ABS plastic. It won’t rust or corrode. This cycling light bundle will not only keep you safe and illuminate your path,it will also last longer. It is the perfect urban and mountain combo for its powerful white front light and red rear light with reflector

Four Light Mode Options: The Headlight features a one-touch switch with four different lighting modes depending on your preference. Front cycle light supports full brightness, half brightness, fast flashing and slow flashing mode. Easy to detach and suitable for camping, walking dogs or outdoor adventure activities. Tail Light features constant and flicker mode (4 Mode full brightness, half brightness, fast flashing and slow flashing mode) to alert following cars/ people

Easy To Install & Suitable For All Kinds Of Bikes: Universal design mount, make one size to fit all bike Guaranteed, Mountain, Big Road Bikes, Hybrid Bikes, City Bikes, or any Bike including Kids bikes. The Teminice bicycle light set installs in under 7 seconds. No matter what bike you are riding and it’s very cool

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Personal Safety #5: Cycling Gloves

If you have ever cycled on a day to day basis you will know the demand that it can put on your hands, stretched and dry hands from the rubbing on the handlebars and the cool air your hands receive, not to mention all of the bumps and dips from a rough terrain. There comes a point when cycling gloves are a must, here are some cycling gloves that I recommend:

Funnasting Thermal Cycling Gloves

Our full finger gloves are designed with streamlined style that makes you looks cool and fashionable. Suitable for casual wear, cycling, driving, skiing, hiking, fishing, camping, traveling and other outdoor activities. These touchscreen gloves can keep your hands warm even in cold early morning conditions, it will be an excellent choice for gifts to your friends, lover and family

Funnasting is a brand which is dedicate each day to love and kindness to every customer. From life to play or artistic creation, Funnasting emphasis is not only the production process and product quality, more attention to each customer relationship

Our position: comes from our quality of excellence, perfection of network, scientific management of customer relationship, good brand image and shrewd insight for developing market. Funnasting will always accompanied with your loyalty and witness our growing and improvement in every experience and satisfaction

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Essential #1: Water Hydration 

Often water hydration can be overlooked when cycling at speed, the rush and excitement takes your mind of the importance to keep hydrated at all times throughout any cycling journey or any form of exercise. Here are some options that you’ll want to consider 

Option 1: Bicycle Water Bottle

The classic water bottle is always handy to have mounted in your bicycle frame, however there is always the limitation on the amount of water that it holds. When using a water bottle as your primary water source you’d better make sure there are spots along your cycling trail where you can refuel (food & water) and fill up your water bottle. You do not want to have to carry 3 or even 4 filled water bottles for the entire cycling trail as this can add a significant amount of extra weight when cycling

Option 2: Water Hydration system

Water hydration packs are designed for longer distance journeys, they are an upgraded option to taking a water bottle along with you. Water hydration packs are ideal for those cycling trails where is is no places or spots to refill your water bottle in many miles, resulting in you cycling for maybe days before you can stock up in water again

Wearing a water hydration pack when you ride gives you easy access to hands-free hydration, if you’re planning on doing any rides that are more than 2 hours long you should invest in a hydration pack

Essential #2:Multi Tool & Puncture/Flat Tyre Repair Kit

Having a handy set of bicycle tools that can get you out of a sticky situation is an absolute must!. Imagine cycling for five hours and having to walk back the direction you came because you got a puncture, and had forgotten your puncture repair kit, this would literally derail the entire cycling trail

So make sure you have some handy bicycle tools, here are some of the basics: set of allen keys, set of flathead and philips screwdrivers, 2-3 puncture repair kits, and any other tool that would be an absolute must to fix any problems that could derail the whole cycling trail in its tracks. A little bit of preparation and” visualising what could go wrong” will allow you to make a list of essential tools that you’ll need if any snags crop up 

Essential #3: Padded Shorts

Cycling a long and bumpy trail can mean your backend takes a pounding, literally, so you’ll want to make sure to have some padded cycling shorts to give your backend a bit of protection 

Essential #4: Clipless Bicycle Pedals

When cycling for hours at a time, having greater propulsion can make a huge difference in the speeds you are able to reach and difficulty of the cycle overall. Having clipless bicycle pedals allow you to utilise more key muscles throughout the pedal stroke, getting greater forward propulsion with every revolution, particularly in the upstroke when the hamstring is engaged

Essential #5: Riding Companion

Having a cycling companion to share the cycling trail you with always makes it a little more fun and secure, make sure to ask along your friends before setting off on your cycling trail…

Why Is Bicycle Gear So Expensive?

The price tag of bicycle equipment can greatly vary depending on the functionality and Brand name of the product, more expensive products can provide a greater degree of functionality, convenience and design that accompanies the higher price tag that comes with it

However when starting out mountain biking there is no need to purchase bicycle equipment that is priced at the upper range of expense and functionality. Starting out with just the basic, lower end (cheaper) priced is best

When your beginning in any hobby or endeavour it’s best to give it a minimum of two to six months to see if it’s a good fit for you and your lifestyle. Like so many of us how often do we start a hobby or a new year’s resolution and we do not stick at it for more than 6 months. So before investing in more advanced bicycle equipment make sure that mountain biking is for you and your 100% sure that your going to keep doing it on a regular basis  

I Don’t Have The Money To Buy Expensive Bike Equipment?

For those who do not have a lot of disposable cash to spend on bicycle equipment then there are cheaper ways to get really good quality mountain bike gear. For great deals on mountain bike gear try buying them second hand from an online vendor or a local sale in the local paper

There is no guarantee that these methods will work all of the time but you would be surprised how much cheaper you can get a year old piece of equipment (that’s in good working order as well) at a knockdown price compared to a retail shop

Online vendors could include eBay, Gumtree or any second hand bicycle market/community online, additionally consider last year’s closeouts or look for lower-tier bikes from reputable manufacturers that benefit from all their R&D


There are literally hundreds of bicycle equipment to choose from and they can all tally up a bill of hundreds of thousands of pounds, so you’ll want to make sure that your 100% sure that mountain bicycling is a hobby that your going to stick at it. Sometimes in the beginning it can be very hard to tell this, however if you have a have a natural interest or instinct to jump on your bicycle and ride then I am sure your on the right track 

When your beginning in any hobby or endeavour it’s best to give it a minimum of two to six months to see if it’s a good fit for you and your lifestyle. Like so many of us how often do we start a hobby or a new year’s resolution and we do not stick at it for more than 6 months. So before investing in more advanced bicycle equipment make sure that mountain biking is for you and your 100% sure that your going to keep doing it on a regular basis 

Another option is to borrow mountain bike gear from your friends, neighbors or family relatives who already has some mountain biking equipment. This can also give you an idea if this is a hobby that you’ll want to invest some cash in the equipment side of things. It goes without saying but always make sure you have the essentials for your own safety regardless of where you are at, helmet and protective glasses is always a must when riding a mountain bike anywhere 

I hope you enjoyed this article and if you have anything to add, then leave a comment down below. All of the information has been thoroughly researched and I have plenty of real world experience on this issue to add as well. Thanks for reading and enjoy! 

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